While there is no arguing the fact that people who sell their homes do so for different reasons, there is one thing that is however common with all home sellers, and that is their desire to sell to the highest bidder.

But for your home to stand any chance of commanding a fee that will meet your valuation when you put it up for sale, it must be attractive enough to convince the buyer that the value of the house is worth the cost.

And the first thing a buyer will notice about your home isn’t its large master bathroom or lovely gourmet kitchen but rather, it is the look of the building from the outside. The attractiveness of your home’s exterior goes a long way in determining if a buyer will make a stop or just drive by.

Granted numerous factors determine whether or not buyers will be interested in your home, but the chief of them all is the first impression.

So, what can you do to give your home the much desired first impression that will arouse the interest of buyer? The answer is painting.

If you’re considering putting up your home for sale, then painting it should be the first thing you do as it will help beautify the building and give it the look of a new property which will ultimately increase its value and possibly attracts more buyers.

But what spaces of your home are ideal for painting?

As professional painters who are renowned painting designs that depict classiness, we recommend you paint both the interior and exterior spaces of your home. However, the higher emphasis should be on the exteriors of your home since it is the part of the house that gives buyers first impression of the property.

The importance of making the front view of your home to be as fresh as possible cannot be overemphasized; it can make your home the standout structure in your neighborhood with neutral paint being preferred color.

Interior Painting

It is true that a neat and well designed exterior painting is very much crucial for arousing and keeping the interest of buyers piqued at first glance. But equally important is the painting of the interior.

Just as the quality of your building’s exterior painting can put off a buyer or arouse their interest towards purchase your home, so can the quality of the interior painting. No matter how good the first impression made by the exterior painting is, a low-quality interior painting that indicates poor or lack of maintenance will cause a potential buyer to have a complete change of mind about your home or offer a fee that’s way below your valuation.

As a pro, we recommend you opt for light colors for the painting of your interior as they will make a perfect match with the neutral paints suggested for the exterior painting. Also, bright colors have a way of giving buyers a homely feel even before they get to purchase the property.

Note: It isn’t fashionable to paint the interior of your home or a single room in your house with all-around shouty colors.

Finally, hiring the service of a professional painting company is your best bet for a neat, efficient and top notch painting that will portray to buyers that you’ve taken good care of the property.