Exterior Commercial Painting Kelsey's Original Roadhouse - Woodstock, ON
Exterior Commercial Painting Kelsey's Original Roadhouse (Sign) - Woodstock, ON

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Transform your dull workspace, or restaurant lounge into a new and exciting atmosphere for your guests, employees, and co-workers to enjoy!

At Simple Strokes Painting Solutions, we bring a variety of painting expertise to every job. Our team of commercial painters is committed to delivering professional results.

Planning From Start to Finish

Our staff will make an on-site visit and develop a project-specific proposal to ensure we execute all aspects of your business’ painting needs.

Flexible Schedule

Every day we aim to complete the day’s work as scheduled. Should you require unique timing needs or off-hour painting, we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Respect Your Surroundings

As we do not want to interrupt your place of business, we’ll execute work around your business needs with minimal disturbance to clients, customers, staff or residents.

Project Management

Our senior staff will monitor work as planned and keep track and any issues along the way. We’ll communicate with our team and address your feedback as work progresses. To ensure your satisfaction, we’ll review all completed work with you during our final site inspection.